TV THIS WEEK: Under the Dome premieres, Cult, Do No Harm and more!

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Jun 24, 2013

The summer shows continue to roll out as CBS premieres its Stephen King series, Under the Dome. And the summer burn-off continues as canceled shows Cult and Do No Harm premiere what's left of their seasons.

Also this week, a body is found at the NeedWant on Defiance, Stiles tries to figure out why virgins are being sacrificed on Teen Wolf, pirates loot one of the warehouses on Warehouse 13, Fry makes friends with a monster on Futurama, Wilfred goes to obedience class on Wilfred, Kiera believes there may be another time traveler on Continuum, Colin Baker is the subject on Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited, a mysterious man boards the ship on Sinbad, it's all about drug dealers and angry birds on Primeval: New World, Bill tries to have a new type of TruBlood synthesized on True Blood, new Jane works with Old Jane on Drop Dead Diva, and Tom and Pope struggle to survive the skidders and each other on Falling Skies.

Here's what we have to look forward to this week on sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal TV.

Monday, June 24

Defiance (Syfy) 9 p.m. - “The Bride Wore Black”

As Alak and Christie's wedding looms, the body of a prominent businessman who has been missing for six years is discovered hidden in the NeedWant.

Here's a preview:

Teen Wolf (MTV) 10 p.m. - “Unleashed”

Scott tries to stop a dangerous confrontation from happening. Meanwhile, Stiles investigates the virgin sacrifices.

Here's a promo:

Under the Dome (CBS) 10 p.m. - “Pilot”

Series premiere! This horror series, based on the Stephen King novel, follows what happens to the people of Chester Mills after the town is sealed off by a massive transparent dome that mysteriously appears and cuts the town off from the rest of the world. Thirteen episodes have been ordered. The series stars Britt Robertson, Mike Vogel, Colin Ford, Natalie Martinez, Alexander Koch, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris and Jeff Fahey.

Here's a preview:

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Lost & Found”

Pirate alert! Yep, the team attempts to recover items stolen from Warehouse 12 by an infamous pirate.

Here's a look:

Tuesday, June 25

Exit (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Sand for Something or Fall for Anything”

Teams battle to exit the Beam Room, the Time Bomb Room, the Sand Room and the Water Room.

Here's a promo:

Wednesday, June 26

Ghost Hunters (Syfy) 9 p.m. - “Vintage Spirits”

TAPS travels to Liberty, Mo., to check out reports of ghostly activity at the Belvoir Winery.

Here's a preview:

Futurama (Comedy Central) 10 p.m. - “T.: The Terrestrial”

When Fry is marooned on a distant planet, he becomes friends with a young monster.

Paranormal Witness (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Dining With the Dead”

The owners of a restaurant in El Paso recount the paranormal activity they encountered after a renovation.

Here's a preview:

Other Wednesday shows of interest:

On the Science Channel's Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (10 p.m.), this week's question is “Will Sex Become Extinct?”

Thursday, June 27

Wilfred (FX) 10 & 10:30 p.m. - “Suspicion; Sincerity

Double the Wilfred alert! Ryan becomes suspicious of his sister's new boyfriend. And in the second episode, Ryan puts Wilfred in obedience classes to impress a woman with her own pooch.

Here's a look:

Friday, June 28

Cult (The CW) 8 & 9 p.m. - “The Devil You Know; Off to See the Wizard”

Burn-off alert! Want to know how Cult's first season ended? Well, the creepy canceled series is back with a summer burn-off as The CW airs the final six episodes as doubles over three consecutive Friday nights. First up, Jeff and Skye hunt for evidence against Sakelik to use as leverage in their search for Nate. In the second episode, Skye tries to infiltrate a meeting for new initiates of the True Believers.

Here's a look:

Continuum (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Second Skin”

Kiera hunts for someone who may be another time traveler, but Liber8 and Gardiner become obstacles.

Here's a look:

Other Friday shows of interest:

On the Travel Channel's The Dead Files (10 p.m.), Steve and Amy travel to Cambridge Springs, Pa., to investigate a hotel with paranormal activity.

Saturday, June 29

Zero Hour (ABC) 8 p.m. - “Sync”

Hank has trust issues after Laila spills her secrets, but decides to work with her in his search for the True Cross. Meanwhile, White Vincent uncovers a clue that takes him closer to his ultimate goal.

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited (BBCA) 8:30 p.m. - “The Sixth Doctor”

A look at Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor, who revisits his adventures and the Doctor's foes.

Here's a preview:

666 Park Avenue (ABC) 9 p.m. - “Sins of the Fathers”

A mysterious new tenant moves into the Drake. Meanwhile, Sasha plots to get Henry elected.

Sinbad (Syfy) 9 p.m. - “Old Man of the Sea”

Sinbad discovers an old man aboard an abandoned ship who may not be what he appears to be.

Here's a promo:

Primeval: New World (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Angry Birds”

Clever title alert! Evan and Dylan stumble onto a pot operation and have to take on drug dealers and some really big birds.

Here's a look:

Do No Harm (NBC) 10 p.m. - “Morning, Sunshine”

Summer burn-off alert! This modern-day take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was canceled after just two episodes. But like several other canceled shows, it's back for a summer burn-off with the remaining episodes. In the return episode, bad boy Ian breaks an important rule and beats up a guy in a bar, and then stalks Olivia. Then his good alter ego, Jason, must try to help the guy Ian beat up, and he also has to attempt to repair his relationship with Lena.

Other Saturday shows of interest:

On Bio's Celebrity Ghost Stories (9 p.m.), Tom Green, Anthony Michael Hall, Brenda Epperson and Jacklyn Zeman recall their encounters with ghosts. And on the channel's The Haunting Of ... (10 p.m.), Nadine Velazquez revisits two Chicago homes she lived in as a child.

Sunday, June 30

True Blood (HBO) 9 p.m. - “You're No Good”

Bill goes to severe lengths to test the limits of his powers, and then drafts a TruBlood innovator into synthesizing a new type of blood for him. Meanwhile, Eric is none too happy with Burrell's aggression toward vampires. And Sookie digs in to why Warlow is after her.

Here's a look:

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) 9 p.m. - “The Real Jane”

Jane and “Old Jane,” who is now in the body of a sexy model, team up to defend a death-row inmate. Meanwhile, Grayson and Kim take on the case of a mattress salesman who believes he was wrongfully terminated for dressing like a drag queen.

Falling Skies (TNT) 10 p.m. - “Search and Recover”

Tom's risky mission takes a disastrous turn, leaving Tom and Pope forced to depend on each other for survival. Meanwhile, Weaver searches for his missing people.

Here's a promo:

Other Sunday shows of interest:

On TLC's Long Island Medium (9 p.m.), Theresa does readings for a former detective and people at a tanning salon in “Unseen.”

What are you going to watch?

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