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TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead's deadly finale, Sleepy Hollow and more!

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Nov 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! That means two things ... it's not a good time to count calories, AND fall television shows will be heavily affected, with many headed off into reruns over the next couple of weeks.

But there's still some goodies to be had, most notably as The Walking Dead offers up its fall finale, which will no doubt kill off someone we care about and set up the second half of the season. We'll also get a new game-changing episode of Sleepy Hollow.

Also this week, John and Dorian deal with a hostage situation on Almost Human, it's the midseason finale for Beauty and the Beast, Agent May's background comes to light on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Klaus and Marcel go to war on The Originals, Sam and Dean become virgins on Supernatural, Reese is in vengeance mode regarding the death of someone he cared about on Person of Interest, Naked Vegas goes cosplay, Paranormal Witness has its season-three finale, Jack Osbourne and friends are back for a new season of Haunted Highway, the newly walking dead are revealed on The Returned, the legend of El Cucuy haunts Grimm, Mina and Harker's engagement celebration takes a shocking turn on Dracula, Jason agrees to help find a missing girl on Atlantis, Peter Pan is one bad boy on Once Upon a Time, and Freya tries to take back her powers on Witches of East End.

Here's what we have to look forward to this week on sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal TV.

Monday, Nov. 25

Almost Human (Fox) 8 p.m. - “Are You Receiving”

John and Dorian must deal with an intense hostage situation. Meanwhile, Maldonado agrees to the terrorist's demands in an effort to save people's lives.

Here's a preview:

Sleepy Hollow (Fox) 9 p.m. - “Sanctuary”

Ichabod and Abbie head to a haunted house to investigate a missing-persons case that strikes close to home for Ichabod.

Here's a look:

Beauty and The Beast (The CW) 9 p.m. - “Man or Beast?”

Midseason finale! Cat and Vincent differ on what to do about Agent Reynolds. Meanwhile, Cat makes a decision that affects her relationship with Vincent.

Here's a promo:

Tuesday, Nov. 26

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) 8 p.m. - “Repairs”

May background story alert! It looks like we're finally going to get a little more backstory about the cryptic Agent May, when her past becomes the key to saving the team from a mysterious force.

Here's a preview:

The Originals (The CW) 8 p.m. - “The River in Reverse”

War looms between Marcel and Klaus when Marcel discovers startling info about his friend. Meanwhile, Rebekah asks Father Kieran for advice, and Elijah struggles to recover from Klaus's bite.

Here's a promo:

Supernatural (The CW) 9 p.m. - “Rock and a Hard Place”

Virginity alert! Sam and Dean take the pledge … a chastity pledge, that is, when Sheriff Mills asks them to investigate the murders of four members of a church chastity group. Unfortunately for Dean, re-establishing his virginity makes him a prime target for the killer.

Here's a preview:

Person of Interest (CBS) 10 p.m. - “The Devil's Share”

Part three of a three-part event! Seeking justice for their murdered comrade, Reese and the team go after HR. Meanwhile, another number comes up, this time for NYPD officer Patrick Simmons.

Here's a preview:

Naked Vegas (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Cosplay and Steampunk”

Things get steamy for the Naked Vegas crew when they must create two separate looks that come together Voltron style, and also create a steampunk look with real steam.

Here's a promo:

Other Tuesday shows of interest:

On the Science Channel's Futurescape (10 p.m.), it's a look at “Cheating Time.

Wednesday, Nov. 27

Paranormal Witness (Syfy) 9 p.m. - “The Rendelsham Files”

Season-three finale! In Suffolk, England, a lieutenant colonel and a several American airmen report seeing a UFO near the nuclear weapons base.

Here's a preview:

Haunted Highway (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Island of Lost Souls”

Season-two premiere! Jack Osbourne, Dana, Jael and Devin join forces to delve into paranormal activity reported on the remote island of Dry Tortugas off Florida.

Here's a look:

Other Wednesday shows of interest:

On the Science Channel's Beyond the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (9 p.m.), the episode delves into the four forces that govern our universe and what that means when it comes to “God's Existence.

Thursday, Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Day

The Returned (Sundance) 9 p.m. - “Serge and Toni”

The newly walking dead begin to reveal themselves, but they find it difficult to resume their lives. Camille is rejected, and Serge stops killing long enough to nurse Lena back to health.

Friday, Nov. 29

Grimm (NBC) 9 p.m. - “El Cucuy”

An ancient Spanish legend about a bogeyman-type creature may have something to do with Nick's latest case involving vigilante incidents. Meanwhile, Juliette finds out about Nick's Grimm mom.

Here's a look:

Dracula (NBC) 10 p.m. - “The Devil's Waltz”

Renfield is kidnapped and tortured by Davenport's henchmen. Meanwhile, at Mina and Harker's engagement celebration, Dracula's true feelings come out.

Here's a preview:

Other Friday shows of interest:

On the Travel Channel's The Dead Files (10 p.m.), Steve and Amy head to Villisca, Iowa, to investigate a 1912 event in a home where eight people, including six children, were brutally killed.

Saturday, Nov. 30

Dear Secret Santa (Lifetime) 8 p.m.

In this Christmas movie, Tatyana Ali and Jordin Sparks star in film about a workaholic banker whose fateful wish for true love at a wishing well brings about the unexpected.

Here's a look:

Atlantis (BBC America) 9 p.m. - “A Girl by Any Other Name”

Jason is asked to find the missing daughter of an old man, who he believes was taken by the Maenads, fanatical worshipers of the god Dionysus.

Here's a look:

Sunday, Dec. 1

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 8 p.m. - “Save Henry”

Peter Pan tries to assume full magic powers at the cost of Henry's life. Meanwhile, a Storybrooke flashback into the past reveals how Regina came to adopt Henry.

Here's a promo:

The Christmas Spirit (Hallmark) 8 p.m.

In this entry into Hallmark's busy Christmas movie season, Nicollette Sheridan stars as a journalist who has a car accident and ends up in a coma. However, her soul is awake but unseen as she tries to stop a pending real-estate deal in the community.

Here's a preview:

The Walking Dead (AMC) 9 p.m. - “Too Far Gone”

Midseason finale! Rick and the Governor face off once again, and you just know someone's going to die.

And you can catch Talking Dead at 10 p.m., with host Chris Hardwick chatting up all the episode's developments with guest stars from the series and other non-Walking Dead superfan stars.

Here's a look:

Witches of East End (Lifetime) 10 p.m. - “A Parching Imbued”

Freya gets some help in trying to regain her powers from a mysterious professor who may have connections to the Beauchamp family. Meanwhile, Dash tries to learn the secrets of the catacombs.

Other Sunday shows of interest:

On the Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot (10 p.m.), the team travels to China to hunt for the Yeren, yet another hairy, bipedal creature that just might be Bigfoot, in “Kung-Fu Bigfoot.”

What are you going to watch?

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