TV THIS WEEK: Awake premieres, Lancelot's back on Merlin and more!

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

After months of hype, we finally get to see NBC's mind-bending new series Awake, Sir Lancelot returns from the dead thanks to a wicked Morgana on Syfy's Merlin, and Lost Girl gets spidery this week.

Also, an innocent 63 commits crimes on Alcatraz, the werewolf twins go after Aidan on Syfy's Being Human, there's a fairy-tale killer on the loose on Castle, the Magus has a collision with another ship on The River, the artists face a Tim Burton challenge on Face Off, Shawn and Gus dig into an Indiana Jones-style adventure on Psych, Archer's sex life causes problems again on Archer, the roomies meet others they have a lot in common with on BBC America's Being Human, Kathryn goes missing on Once Upon a Time, and decisions are made that may affect the group's humanity on The Walking Dead.

Here's what we have to look forward to this week on sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and spy-fi TV, along with non-sci-fi shows that have sci-fi or fantasy themes.

Monday, Feb. 27

Alcatraz (Fox) 9 p.m. - "Clarence Montgomery"

The team tracks the crime spree of a returning 63 who was innocent when he went to Alcatraz. The 4400's Mahershala Ali guest-stars as Clarence Montgomery.

Here's a preview:

Being Human (Syfy) 9 p.m. - "The Ties That Blind"

Sally finds herself being haunted, Josh tries to connect with Nora, and the werewolf twins target Aidan.

Here's a sneak peek:

Castle (ABC) 10 p.m. - "Once Upon a Crime"

Fairy tale alert! It seems like fairy tales are popping up everywhere these days. In this episode, Castle and Becket are on the hunt for a killer who dresses his victims as fairy-tale characters.

Here's a sneak peek:

Lost Girl (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Arachnofaebia"

When Kenzi spiritually cleanses a house, she bring a hitchhiker back home in the form of a nasty Fae spider that can make people psychotic.

Here a sneak peek:

Tuesday, Feb. 28

The River (ABC) 9 p.m. - "Peaches"

The crew of the Magus find themselves in hot water when they run aground after colliding with another ship, and a rescue group is not what it seems. Meanwhile, a shocking discovery is made.

Here's a preview:

Wednesday, Feb. 29

Ghost Hunters International (Syfy) 9 p.m. - "The Man in the Iron Mask: Italy"

The globe-trotting ghost hunters investigate Fort of Fenestrelle in Italy.

Here's a promo:

Face Off (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Burtonesque"

Three contestants face elimination as they're tasked with taking someone with an ordinary occupation and turning them into a Tim Burton-worthy character. Catherine O'Hara guest-judges.

Here's a preview:

Psych (USA) 10 p.m. - "Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger"

It's a super-sized Psych with a little Indiana Jones action as Shawn and Gus team up with Pierre Despereaux (Cary Elwes) to find a mythical dagger that might just be the key to a dead billionaire's treasure. John Rhys-Davies, who was in the original Indiana Jones, guest-stars.

Other Wednesday shows of interest:

On the Science Channel's Prophets of Science Fiction (10 p.m.), it's a look at sci-fi legend "Robert Heinlein."

Thursday, March 1

Awake (NBC) 10 p.m. - "Pilot"

Series premiere! Jason Isaacs stars as Michael Britten, a detective who finds himself living in two different realities after a car accident. In one his wife survived, and in the other his son did. Unwilling to let either reality go, Michael ends up with two different partners on the police force, solving different cases and working with different therapists. Yet somehow his dual existence begins to help him solve impossible cases, while memories of the crash continue to haunt him. Awake also stars Laura Allen, Dylan Minnette, Steve Harris, B.D. Wong and Cherry Jones.

Here's a look:

Archer (FX) 10 p.m. - "Crossing Over"

This time he's done it. Archer's sexual encounters compromise his ability as an agent again, but this time it's really, really serious. Really.

Here's a preview:

Friday, March 2

Merlin (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Lancelot du Lac"

You knew it was going to happen. Sir Lancelot returns from the dead, which throws a wrench or two into the works when Arthur and Gwen decide to marry.

Here's a sneak peek:

Spartacus: Vengeance (NBC) 9 p.m. - "Chosen Path"

Spartacus convinces the rebels to train so they'll be able to defend their sanctuary. Meanwhile, Glaber welcomes new recruits.

Here's a promo:

Other Friday shows of interest:

On the season-one finale of CBS's A Gifted Man (9 p.m.), Michael meets a patient with a link to Anna "In Case of Heart Failure." On the Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars (8 p.m.), there's a new episode called "Bounty." And on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures (9 p.m.), it's a special look back at terrifying ghostly encounters in "Wickedest Women, Houses of Terror and Bloodiest Battlefields."

Saturday, March 3

Being Human (BBC America) 9 p.m. - "Being Human 1955"

Another ghost, werewolf and vampire arrive at the house to tell a dying Leo that baby Eve holds the secret to saving his life.

Here's a look:

Saturday, March 4

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 8 p.m. - "Dreamy"

When David's wife, Kathryn, goes missing, Emma investigates, and Mary Margaret and Leroy join forces to help the nuns of Storybrooke sell candles at the Miner's Day festival. Meanwhile, in the fairy-tale world, Grumpy falls for a clumsy fairy.

Here's a preview:

The Walking Dead (AMC) 9 p.m. - "Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Rick and Shane finally agree on something, and Dale frets that the group is losing its humanity. Meanwhile, Carl's actions have unexpected consequence.

Here's a look:

Other Sunday shows of interest:

On Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot (10 p.m.), the team heads to Indiana to check out footage in "Hoosier Bigfoot." And on AMC's Comic Book Men (10 p.m.), Walt reluctantly agrees to let Ming offer a "Zombies" sales promotion.

What are you going to watch?