Twilight coming back to theaters, but for only one day

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Jul 4, 2015

If you just can't wait until Nov. 20 for more Bella and Edward when New Moon hits theaters, then this announcement from Summit Entertainment will make you squee like a 12-year-old girl. Even though Twilight's been out on DVD for a while, it's going to be re-released in theaters, for only one day, on Nov. 19.

According to the press release:

Summit is working with exhibitors to screen Twilight one night only with screenings in the evening just before The Twilight Saga: New Moon arrives in theatres. Select theatres will offer tickets at a reduced price.

That's right, a double feature of Twilight, and even some sort of discount for a few lucky movie-goers. If you're one of the people who went squee when you started reading this, enjoy! If you're not, may we suggest skipping the movie theater that night?

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