The Twilight Zone makes its (unofficial) return. On Twitter. Where else?

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Feb 28, 2014, 2:30 PM EST

You're traveling through another social media dimension, a dimension not only of tweets and retweets but of favorites. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of 140 characters. That's the URL up ahead -- your next stop, the Twilight Zone Twitter account!

There have been rumors that The Twilight Zone will come back someday, but there's nothing 100 percent official. And Britain has Black Mirror, which is a great stand-in for Twilight Zone. We want more, though.

But there's something about the classic genre show that is tough to bring back. We don't make one-off episodic television quite like it anymore. But you know what is a lot like The Twilight Zone? Twitter. Think about it. As with the show,  Twitter provides a very abbreviated amount of time in which to craft a narrative. It's also used by a lot of weird people who tweet unsettling things.

But, most importantly, Twitter could give a modern spin on an old idea. As it turns out, Modern Twilight Zone does exist. And it's kind of awesome. Here are a few of our favorite tweets so far.

I would watch every one of those episodes. And, what's really great is that you can come up with your own, and, if you're good enough, smart enough, Burgess Meredith enough, you might even get a retweet and find yourself in ... The Twilight Zone!

(via Kotaku)