Two new Twin Peaks teasers are already inspiring fan theories

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Feb 20, 2017, 8:30 AM EST

Last month during a presentation at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Showtime president David Nevins said that we likely shouldn't expect "traditional" trailers for the long-awaited revival of Twin Peaks, noting that co-creator David Lynch is very intent on secrecy. Twin Peaks fans are an obsessive and very detail-oriented lot, though, and we're usually apt to come up with about 20 different theories for mere moments of footage. It's a good thing, too, because moments are all we've got.

On Friday, Showtime dropped two new teasers for the revival, titled "Mirror" and "Body."

Both teasers feature a snippet of old footage connected to a snippet of new footage, linked by the tagline "It Is Happening Again." The new footage in the "Mirror" teaser isn't even all that new, though, as it was already used in an earlier teaser. It does introduce a new link to the last time we saw Agent Dale Cooper and where he might be when we see him next. The Cooper we know was trapped in the Black Lodge at the end of the series, and we still don't know if and when he got out. The footage of an older Cooper surrounded by blackness could suggest he's still lost ... or it could suggest nothing at all.

The "Body" teaser is the one really lighting fans up, though. In the new footage from that one, Laura Palmer's famous homecoming photo is faded, but still around, and taped to a piece of cardboard in an unknown place. Who has it and what Laura has to do with the events of the present are questions worth pondering, but some fans insist the old footage holds clues as well ...

On Reddit, one viewer claims you can see Laura close her eyes in the moment when she's supposedly dead, something only perceptible in extreme slow motion. Over on Facebook, fans are claiming they can see the entity known as BOB in the wind-blown trees at the start of the promo. For the record, I can see neither, but leave it to Twin Peaksfans to parse details like that.

Twin Peaks returns May 21. What do you see in the new promos?