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Twitter is not happy about the lack of Venom in that Venom trailer

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Feb 8, 2018, 12:14 PM EST

Tom Hardy as Venom? Check. Watching Tom Hardy get an MRI? Well let's just say that's not the Venom fans were looking for.

The teaser trailer for Sony's highly anticipated standalone Venom movie dropped this morning. And surveying the swarm of confused, occasionally angry but more often hilarious Tweets wondering just why exactly the studio opted not to include a shot of the alien symbiote in favor of scenes featuring Hardy's alterego Eddie Brock, the reception was mixed to say the least.


Considering Venom's rabid fanbase, expectations are out of this world for the launch of a film franchise focusing exclusively on Spider-Man's popular anti-hero spinoff.

But as a multitude of people were quick to note online, Sony didn't help itself hiding the titular star. In fact, about the only thing riling people up in a good way was a brief glimpse of Venom in sentient goo form; otherwise, most Netizens took to poking fun at the clip, especially images of Brock waking up in a lab and walking around over Hardy's voiceover, though he does dodge a head-on collision with an SUV while riding a motorcycle so there's that.

As Brock says, we all have our own issues and demons, and of course, there's still more shooting to do and plenty more trailers to come before the Ruben Fleischer-directed Venom hits theaters on Oct. 5.

Here's a roundup of some of the funnier issues Twitter users had with the Venom teaser: