Twitter just 'shipped Pennywise with the Babadook and it's eerily hilarious

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:49 AM EDT (Updated)

Just when you thought Pennywise’s love affair with children’s worst nightmares was the ultimate Valentine to himself, someone lurking in the sewers of the internet gave him a significant other who would literally love him to death—and also loves death.

Pennywise and the Babadook are now in a Twitter-ship first unearthed by The Spin. They both love traumatizing children, so that’s already right swipe material on Tinder. The Babadook, who creeps out of a book that should have never been opened and then terrorizes a boy (who already has too much imagination) with his looming shadow, dagger claws and that signature gravelly “Baaa…baaaaa…dooooook”, emerged from his eponymous Australian indie film that became an unnatural cult classic.

Romance unknowingly started to blossom underground when Netflix mysteriously categorized the movie in their LGBT section. Whether or not this was a mis-classification is unknown, since a film about a little boy getting terrorized by a monster in the basement is about as far from gender and sexuality issues as you can possibly get. The Babadook nevertheless became an unlikely LGBT icon and ended up as half of this year’s most monstrous ship just in time for Halloween.

Someone even tweeted a killer animation that shows the Babadook stalking through the set of RuPaul’s Drag Race with some pretty fierce heeled boots. I’m dying.

As if that wasn’t enough, this adorable tumblr sketch by Kumi Ventura makes you actually want to see a Pennydook date movie.

tumblr_ow5dp6oR191sk9bppo1_1280.jpg'll float too.


Here’s one fan theory that will probably never materialize in a sewer, basement or anywhere else, but is still wildly amusing. Except Pennywise feeds every 27 years, so he’s supposed to be dead asleep until 2016.

Now let’s get hypothetical here. Say Pennywise came back in 2016, started dating the Babadook and then encountered a poor unfortunate kid whose biggest fear was the Babadook. He’d turn into the Babadook. Does that mean the Babdook would be dating its doppelganger?

Then again, serial killers tend to be so narcissistic it wouldn’t surprise me if either of these entities was madly in love with itself.

(via Nerdist)