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Twitter reacts to Rick's final episode on a landmark The Walking Dead

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Nov 4, 2018, 10:14 PM EST

After nine seasons, numerous close calls, and countless amounts of zombies killed, tonight we said goodbye to The Walking Dead's fearless leader Rick Grimes

Andrew Lincoln's small-town sheriff-turned-master zombie killer has led his loyal group of survivors from the outskirts of Atlanta across the Georgia countryside until finally settling in Alexandria and beginning to rebuild some semblance of society. He's fought -- and won -- against The Governor, The Claimers, The Terminus cannibals, The Wolves, and most recently, The Saviors. 

WARNING: Major spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead below

Last week, Rick was thrown from his horse and landed straight on a pile of crumbled concrete with a piece of iron rebar sticking out of his torso while two hordes of the undead stumbled in closer. Now, as we've known for months, Rick's time is coming to an end -- but how?  

Given that The Walking Dead has spent the first half of season nine laying the groundwork for a new era, one that doesn't include Rick Grimes, fans wasted no time to let their feelings known. 

Even though Rick got out of his initial jam, the situation didn't exactly improve. 

Then came the eagerly anticipated 'surprise' appearance from Jon Bernthal's Shane. 

Things got even more emotional when Hershel Greene showed up, given that actor Scott Wilson recently passed away

After another tearjerking appearance from Sonequa Martin-Green's Sasha, Rick hobbled across the bridge he vowed not to lead the walkers down. But he had one last move up his blood-stained sleeve. 

But then, just at the last second, the show pulled the rug out from under us. A couple times.

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