Twitter reacts to the Disney-Fox deal and the main takeaway is that The Simpsons called it back in 1998

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Dec 14, 2017

It's official, Disney is buying a bunch of entertainment-based properties from Fox for more than $52 billion. That makes the House of Mouse's acquisitions of Lucasfilm and Marvel look like the contents of a child's piggy bank.

The ramifications are staggering when you realize that Disney will get the rights to the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, X-Men, Galactus, Cable, and Deadpool as well as a multitude of other sci-fi franchises like Predator, AlienX-Files, and Planet of the Apes. They'll also get The Simpsons, which actually predicted this deal almost 20 years ago, according to the diligent fans on Twitter.

This deal is one of the biggest business developments in the 21st century, not just for the staggering amount of money involved, but for the immense level of integration that stands before Disney. The aforementioned Marvel heroes can now be folded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and keep it going indefinitely. And with a Sony agreement on the use of Spider-Man, the Marvel Universe will finally be complete onscreen, or at least as complete as it can be as long as Sony retains the rights to villains like Venom

How does the world feel about it? Here's what Twitter celebs and non-celebs had to say on the matter:

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