Twitter reacts to Westworld's explosive, cerebral season finale

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Jun 24, 2018, 11:49 PM EDT

The second season of Westworld came to a close tonight with the 90-minute episode "The Passenger," which seems to have asked more questions than it answered. 

The show, which is known for its unapologetically cerebral approach to storytelling, had really upped the ante this season, which included multiple timelines, devious corporate scheming, and questions about who was really a host, to the point that it had us questioning whether any of this was even real at all

Following the wake of the robot uprising at the end of Season 1, the second season had loosely worked toward the idea that the hosts were in search of The Forge, a near-mythical location where the Delos Corporation had housed the minds and memories of the park's millions of guests over the years.

While co-showrunner Lisa Joy had recently said that all the questions posed would be answered by this season's end, she and husband Jonathan Nolan seem to have outdone themselves this time around. Even star Ed Harris confessed that he has no idea where the show could be headed. 

Still, "The Passenger" was filled with some jaw-dropping revelations, devasting moments, and some surprising (albeit short-lived) team-ups, all of which caused quite the stir on Twitter, which you can see below. 

Though some still love the show, they couldn't help but be left wondering exactly what it all meant. 

Granted, all this confusion made Jeffrey Wright's Bernard the show's most relatable character. 

Finally, there are those who felt like they were able to stay on top of all the twists and turns -- until the very end, that is. 

Did you watch the Westworld finale? If so, did it make you question your existence? Either way, let us know in the comments.