Twitter screams about American Horror Story: Cult season premiere

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Sep 5, 2017

SPOILER WARNING: American Horror Story: Cult season premiere spoilers (and chaos) reign below... 

After all the American Horror Story: Cult previews that bombarded us with swarms of bees, political outrage, phobias that take it to eleven, bloody knives, bloodier American flags, and killer clowns (from outer space or otherwise), with the show's premiere finally debuting tonight, Twitter blew up. It was kind of obvious that would happen after Ryan Murphy had the immense nerve to confront uniquely American nightmares head-on in the most over-the-top way possible. Because Ryan Murphy never does anything subtle.

So let’s talk about Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, and how they both absolutely killed it on screen, no matter who you voted for. He is the blue-haired embodiment of extremism, who is totally believable, despite that Cheeto beauty regimen. She freaked me out over a piece of coral more than I’ve freaked out over anything in quite a while. Anyone who can do either of those things and leave me inclined to go to bed with my eyes wide open deserves an Emmy. 

Reading some of the Twitter responses, which are just as bizarre as the dark recesses of Ryan Murphy’s brain, is almost as entertaining as re-watching the episode. Almost.

I'm not a coulrophobe, but...

...and behind an ice cream truck. Becuase you know what drives ice cream trucks, at least in the AHS universe.

I legit feel sorry for her.

Must file this in my Pinterest board of Halloween makeup.

So the pumpkin latte can finally ditch its yoga pants and basic reputation?

That, or Evan Peters with Cheeto powder on his face.

I think that clown ruined clowns, as if they haven't already been ruined enough.

I've been thinking that since the trailer crept up on me.


Well, if there's going to be one clown tyrant to rule them all...

Notice how he combed his hair.

Just give him the Emmy.

What's your reaction to tonight's season premiere? Let us know in the comments!

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