Two asteroids buzzed by Earth the past two months, and we never saw them coming

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Sep 12, 2016

You never know just how close we come to oblivion every day, and it turns out we’ve had a few too many close calls the past few months.

Two asteroids have given our little blue marble a close shave the last two months in separate incidences, and though they were still tens of thousands of miles away (though just a tenth of the distance between the Earth and moon) and didn’t do us any harm, it’s obviously not a good sign that we never even saw these things coming. The two asteroids, 2016 RB1 and 2016 QA2, both measured around 50 feet wide. So, if they had hit us, they could’ve done some damage.

We already have some Earth-based monitoring systems in place to try and keep an eye out for these things (so we can at least have a little more heads up before armageddon), but those efforts are obviously too under-funded to keep an eye on the entire sky. Which, yes, space is very big. There’s a lot of room up there and margin of error to miss things.

But, two in the span of two months? That’s just flirting with disaster.

(Via Popular Science)

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