Two M&Ms enter, one M&M leaves

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Nov 3, 2008

Roger Ebert, the movie critic, got sent a letter that proves evolution to be true. It evokes the age-old question: What Would Darwin Eat?

I should note that I myself have been known to eat things in weird ways. I love peeling the chocolate sandwich part off ice cream sandwiches and eating them first. However, you have to be careful to leave a little bit so you can hold the vanilla bar without it slipping.

More apropos to the letter sent to Ebert, I actually like to pop a few M&Ms into my mouth and then peel them with my teeth. The slightly larger lump of chocolate this creates tastes better than an individual M&M. Try it. And I'm still ticked at Mars Snackfoods, Inc. because they don't make the bigger M&Ms anymore. Those rocked.

And maybe I'd better stop there. You have no desire to see me eat a chicken leg. I've seen devoted carnivores turn away.

Tip o' the jack-o-lantern to BABloggee and devoted skeptic Cate. Very NSFW link, BTW.

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