Two new Star Wars Rebels clips tease romance, intrigue, and danger

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Two new back to back episodes of Star Wars Rebels air this Monday, October 30 and we've got two new clips, one from each episode. The show's final season is looking to be the best yet.

Ezra was frustrated in last week's episode about his inability to help Lothal. But something's definitely changed because the Ghost crew heads back to Lothal here. From the looks of it, Lothal is worse off than ever in episode 5, "The Occupation," as Stormtroopers walk the streets and everything's on lockdown. In episode 6, "Flight Of The Defender," Ezra and Sabine steal a TIE Defender prototype and end up needing help from an unexpected source.

The first clip puts a couple of our Rebels in close quarters. Very close quarters.

The second clip gives us a look at what sort of help Sabine and Ezra may be getting. 

We also got new images from both episodes. From the look of it, Ezra's connection to Lothal's creatures is still in full force.

Things are definitely heating up.