Two new Star Wars: Rebels teasers finally give us footage from the show

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Jul 4, 2015, 5:14 PM EDT (Updated)

The premiere of the latest Star Wars animated series is just months away, and Lucasfilm has finally hit us with a taste of the action.

We've known for nearly a year now that the first major animated project to come out of Lucasfilm since the Disney purchase (apart from the long-awaited completion of The Clone Wars, that is) would be Star Wars: Rebels, a series set between Episodes III and IV that will chronicle both the Empire's consolidation of power in the galaxy and the rise of the early Rebellion. We've seen a lot of intriguing glimpses of the show so far, including character breakdowns, concept art and descriptions of the show's principal setting, but now, for the first time, we get to see some actual footage from the series itself.

Disney and Lucasfilm just dropped two new teaser trailers for the show, amounting to about one minute of footage, total, and while they don't give us much in the way of dialogue or plot, they do offer first looks at the final animated versions of new characters and a new planet. The new Outer Rim world, Lothal, with its grasslands and giant stones, is heavily featured, as is Ezra (voiced by Taylor Gray), one of the show's main characters. There's also plenty of TIE fighter action, a glimpse of the new droid, Chopper, a new version of the iconic Rebel Alliance logo, and a starship crash that looks like it could be the spark that sets the whole series in motion.

Check out the teasers below. Star Wars: Rebels premieres on Disney XD this fall. Will you be watching?

(Via Comic Book Movie)