Two new Wonder Woman clips flesh out fights you've seen in the trailer

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May 19, 2017

Just about the time you're ready to roll up the keyboard and head out for the weekend, a couple of new Wonder Woman clips drop, and you're right back down in front of the computer and flailing (well, I was).

What I found most striking about both of these clips is how much Gal Gadot expresses without saying a word. That hint of a smile or a tilt of her head just speak volumes. There's a LOT going on, even without the fighting.

The first clip (via IGN) runs just over a minute, and gives us our best look yet at what happens after Danny Huston's General Erich Ludendorff utters the words we've heard in several trailers, "What ARE you?" You also have to wonder if Ludendorff is enhanced in any way, given some of the hits he manages to get in.

This second clip (courtesy of Buzzfeed) shows more of the fight between Diana and Robin Wright's General Antiope. I don't think I've ever seen Robin Wright look this badass. It's a good look on her.

Is it June 2 yet?

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