Two of Marvel's most popular female heroes joining All New, All Different Avengers

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Oct 5, 2020, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)

The entire Marvel comic catalog is getting a shakeup thanks to the upcoming Secret Wars event, and here’s our first peek at how it’ll affect one of the flagship teams.

The comics company has confirmed that Thor and Ms. Marvel will be joining the All New, All Different Avengers when the book launches in the coming months. Both heroes are huge hits, with Ms. Marvel becoming a breakout star and the new, female Thor out-selling the old, male Thor by approximately 30 percent. They bring some fresh talent, diversity and buzz to the team — which is smart, considering how many books Marvel will be launching/relaunching in the wake of Secret Wars.

The massive Secret Wars event will see the end of 33 ongoing comics next month (though we’d imagine at least some of those will be relaunched or reconfigured at some point), and also bring about this new Avengers lineup. As for the rest of the new team? They’re still hidden in silhouette, though The Verge notes (and we agree) that Storm and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man could be on the short list. Hey, with the Ultimate universe ending, Miles is gonna need somewhere to land. 

Check out the cover below and let us know who you think is on the roster. Are Ms. Marvel and Thor good additions?

(Via Marvel, The Verge)