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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Two of the most iconic fantasy games are crossing over with each other after all these years

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Mar 12, 2019, 3:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Fantasy worlds are set to collide with a crossover between two of the biggest and most beloved fantasy games in existence: Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Both properties are owned by gaming company Wizards of the Coast, which announced the momentous event on its website via the release of a new book, D&D Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica.

While there is no overt mention of a crossover, Ravinica has been a playable location in Magic since its release in the fall of 2005, a cityscape across an entire planet, whose architecture was inspired by that of Eastern Europe. The fact that this spot (a popular one within the Magic community) will become available to players of D&D serves as proof that the two franchises are bleeding into one another. 

Still, crossover might be too strong of a word as both games are vastly different in terms of their respective mechanics. Where D&D relies heavily on the player's imagination (what some call a "paper-and-pencil game") Magic relies more on cards and complex rules. With that said, the latter was originally inspired by the former and since they're now owned by one company, it makes sense to allow for some sort of fraternization.


Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The official description of the book is as follows:

A perpetual haze of dreary rain hangs over the spires of Ravnica. Bundled against the weather, the cosmopolitan citizens in all their fantastic diversity go about their daily business in bustling markets and shadowy back alleys. Through it all, ten guilds—crime syndicates, scientific institutions, church hierarchies, military forces, judicial courts, buzzing swarms, and rampaging gangs—vie for power, wealth, and influence. These guilds are the foundation of power on Ravnica. They have existed for millennia, and each one has its own identity and civic function, its own diverse collection of races and creatures, and its own distinct subculture. Their history is a web of wars, intrigue, and political machinations as they have vied for control of the plane.

D&D Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica becomes available to buy in game stores Nov. 9 and everywhere else Nov. 20 for around $50 a pop. Themed dice and a map pack will also be released alongside the book. 

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