Tyrese touts Mayhem, his new comic—not a film, honest

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Actor/singer/producer Tyrese Gibson told a group of reporters that he wants his fans to get excited about his upcoming endeavor in the comic-book world, Mayhem. It will be a big summer for Gibson, with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen out June 24 and Mayhem later in the summer.

"I have my own comic book coming out, launched through Image comics [with] my man Robert Kirkman, Eric Stephenson, Todd McFarlane, and it's called Mayhem," Gibson said in a group interview on Wednesday in Los Angeles, where he was promoting Transformers. "It's all over the Internet. It's coming out late summer. Mayhem is [about] a gunslinging vigilante who seeks refuge in the basement of a church."

Gibson plans to take the new property to Comic-Con International in San Diego in July and assures fans that if they invest in Mayhem he will focus on making it one great comic book.

"Mayhem is going to be a very big deal, so make sure you all go out and support [it], because, for me, it will not work if I don't get the comic-book fans out there to embrace what I'm doing," Gibson said. "I'm working, and I'm not looking to make it into a film, not looking to turn it into toys and a franchise. Right now, I'm trying to make this the best comic book it can possibly be, and I'm reaching out to the folks like Avi Arad, Kirkman, Eric Stephenson and all these guys, getting as many questions out of my system to make it the best comic book so it's something to look forward to, late summer. I didn't write it, but I've got my hands all over that whole process."

The cover of issue number 1 features a musclebound masked African-American character firing two guns, though Gibson would not confirm that it's his likeness under the mask. "You'll see," he said. "Late summer, man, it's going to be crazy."