Ubisoft teaming with Elijah Wood for Transference, VR psychological thriller

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Jun 18, 2017, 6:36 PM EDT (Updated)

A cryptic, creepy, somewhat disturbing announcement trailer for something called Transference just debuted at Ubisoft's E3 2017 showcase, and while there's virtually no real information about it, the trailer is still plenty intriguing. Elijah Wood stars in the game/experience and greets the audience in an odd mix of produced video and "found footage" documentary style.

In the Transference universe, you're working with Wood and a company called "Spectrevision," who are working with Ubisoft (yes, it seems this will be very meta) to bring experimental technology to the masses. The CEO of the company, Lisa Whalen, says, completely nonchalantly and thus way more terrifyingly, "We want you to take off the gear and still feel ... unsettled." We already feel unsettled, and we don't know anything about this yet.

Wood explains, "Whilst working with Ubisoft, we stumbled across some fascinating research that begun in the late '90s. Essentially, neuroscientists had figured out a way to upload brain data: trauma, emotions, memories, to the digital space." He trails off a bit as he continues, "We've gone and taken the next logical step, and with Ubisoft, we've re-created in virtual reality, a consciousness ..."

Yeah, it looks like you'll be living the traumatic memories and nightmares of others ... and it will be horrifying. Completely non-reassuringly, the end of the trailer insists, "you're completely safe ..."

Watch the trailer for Transference, due out for major VR platforms in Spring 2018, and um ... try not to worry. Everything's fine. Juuuuust fine.