Ubisoft unveals title of its next Assassin's Creed videogame, first trailer and gameplay footage

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Feb 5, 2019, 8:02 PM EST (Updated)

Ubisoft has officially announced the next entry in its hit Assassin’s Creed videogame franchise by revealing a bunch of videos that include a world-premiere event video, a first official debut trailer, a nine-minute gameplay walkthrough and a character trailer, as well as the box art for the game. Titled Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the new action-adventure historical game will take place in London in 1868 and will feature two playable protagonists: twins Jacob and Evie Frye.

About the characters, Ubisoft says Jacob is a "more hot headed, brash and rebellious" figure, while his sister is being described as "a relentless Assassin" and "a master of stealth." During the open world experience of the game, players will be able to switch freely between the siblings, while story missions will restrict the choice of character for story purposes. Players will also be able to ride a carriage and use a rope launcher in order to scale buildings and zip-line rooftop to rooftop. How cool is that?

Moving away from the streets of Paris and the French Revolution driving the story of last year's Assassin’s Creed Unity, the story fast-forwards to Victorian London one century later and sees the twins from Crawley head to the Big City that will give birth to Jack the Ripper, now at the crux of the Industrial Revolution. As brother and sister try to free the masses from the abject poverty they live in and lead an uprising against the oppressive establishment led by their centuries-old, mortal enemies, the Templars. Notable allies to the twins (and to you) will be famed author Charles Dickens and biologist Charles Darwin. Ubisoft also revealed that the gameplay is single-player, saying the decision was taken so that the Montreal development team could "focus on creating the biggest city based open-world that we’ve ever had for an Assassin’s Creed game."

The videogame developer also says that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s London map will be about 30 percent larger than Unity’s (which is no small feat), and that the City will be divided in seven boroughs: Westminster, the Strand, the City of London, Whitechapel, Southwark and Lambeth. The seventh area that'll play a prominent role in the game is the River Thames, which will act as the main entry and exit point into the very heart of the mighty British Empire.

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate you’ll play as Jacob Frye, an assassin born and bred poised to take over the criminal underworld of London during the Industrial Revolution. Amidst blossoming conflicts between newly crowned kings of industry and the working class they exploit for all they’re worth, Jacob will work in the shadows as he climbs to the top of the criminal underground as the head of one of the city’s most notorious street gangs.

Have a look at Syndicate's exciting trailer and gameplay footage:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate will hit videogame stores worldwide on PS4 and Xbox One on Oct. 23. The PC version will be released just a tad later in the fall (no release date yet). Are you looking forward to the next Assassin's Creed game?

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