UFO trashes journalism

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Jun 25, 2008

Well, to be fair, it wasn't the UFO's fault. It was the trashy journalist; in this case, the anonymous author of the article with the headline "Invasion of the bobby snatchers: Police helicopter has close encounter with a UFO".

And trashy is right; the article is garbage. Just click the link and look at the illustration, which shows a classic flying saucer attacking a helicopter (and is copyrighted by "Science Photo Library"; as if). Sheesh. Then read the article, which is full of breathless and very purple prose. And while all the usual caveats are in it, the last line reads:

The extra-terrestrial encounter happened just before 1am on June 8.

It was extraterrestrial? Really? There's nothing in the article to support that. I thought the Daily Mail was a newspaper. I guess that translates into "codswallop".

Tip of the tin foil beanie to BABloggee Singhe for sending me this fetid piece of offal.

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