UFOs, ET, the UK, and the Vatican

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May 14, 2008

I'm getting approximately eleventy bazillion emails about two news items: one is that the Vatican is welcoming our new alien overlords (if they exist), and that the UK has released lots of UFO files.

On the first, I'm not sure what to think. Given that it took the Vatican four centuries to fess up that just maybe possibly Galileo was right, I'm not so sure I care what they think about aliens. On the other hand, this is in direct disagreement with the oh-so-logical proclamations of creationists (in a nutshell -- haha -- special creation precludes life elsewhere), so maybe this will provide some fun schadenfreude.

As far as the UFO thingy goes, I'd go through the files and look for unexplained cases, but golly, my toenails need cleaning right now.

Seriously, my thoughts on this are on record. I'd actually be interested in seeing some of the more odd UFO cases, but I don't want to plow through hundreds of cow mutilation stories at the moment. If anyone finds any good ones, link to 'em in the comments.

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