Uh-oh! Looks like 2 Defiance characters are not long for this world

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Jun 14, 2013

Some tantalizing new details about the final four episodes of Defiance’s first season have been revealed, and it sounds like a few major cast members won’t make it out alive.

The folks at TV Line have dropped some hints about the rest of the season, including talk of a “shocking secret” and a culling of the cast list as the show heads toward its (recently confirmed) second year.

Check out an excerpt below:

“There’s a passing moment in the wedding episode (airing June 24) where Stahma comments to someone about the Need/Want proprietor’s ‘amazing touch.’ Elsewhere in that hour, you’ll lay witness to a Castithan bachelor party (which frankly varies little from anything you see at Scores), get some movement on the Irisa/Tommy front, discover that [SPOILER] saved Datak’s life some years ago and learn that someone in town is concealing a massive, shocking secret. There’s also the death of two characters who’ve been with us from the start.”

The show doesn’t have the most expansive cast in the world (i.e. Game of Thrones), but it does have quite a few denizens buzzing around the melting pot that is Defiance. So who do you think will bite the dust before it all comes to an end?

(Via TV Line)

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