Marvel Wedding Invitation 2

Uh-oh! Marvel teases that it might be throwing its own Red Wedding

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Dec 30, 2013, 5:47 PM EST

Marvel Comics is planning a spring wedding -- but the nuptials may not end up all that happy.

Newsarama received an invite from Marvel on Monday morning, teasing an April 2014 wedding but not naming the participants. The last Marvel wedding of note was when Northstar married his boyfriend Kyle in Astonishing X-Men back in 2012.

The invite features a single puzzle piece containing images of a slew of Marvel characters, all of whom are presumably invited to the event. But more ominous is the splatter of blood at the bottom -- could Marvel be planning a ceremony that is the comic-book equivalent of the horrific and gory Red Wedding from Game of Thrones?

We're sure to find out more as the date draws near, but in the meantime start speculating away on who might be walking the aisle -- and possibly meeting their doom.

Marvel Wedding Invitation