Uh-oh! Newspaper mistakes sci-fi tech from videogame for the real thing

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Oct 23, 2013

Well, this is either a case of wishful thinking or a major editorial lapse.

Readers of the U.K. tabloid The Sun might have recently noticed this little item in the paper, documenting a few real-life cases of cybernetic implants.


The first two names dropped in the piece are real people, and they really do have those cybernetic enhancements. It's also true that cybernetic technology is continuing to advance, and a few decades from now it'll likely be much more commonly used. It all reads like a nice tech news brief that'll grab a few readers. Just one problem: That eyeball implant they're talking about, the company that supposedly makes it, and the image used to prove its existence are all from a videogame.

That's right, Sarif Industries and its cybernetic eyeball are part of the cyberpunk universe of the acclaimed action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game set in a future where corporations are far more powerful than governments and biotechnology is very commonplace. 

It's worth noting that The Sun is a tabloid rather notorious for playing fast and loose with the facts, but still, this little piece was working just fine until someone dug up Sarif Industries and ran it off the rails. Now there's probably a one-eyed Sun reader somewhere anxiously searching Google for Sarif Industries' phone number so he can sign up for one of those eyes. 

(Via Kotaku)

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