Uh-oh! Fringe promises to break our hearts with an 'emotional death'

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Dec 17, 2012

With a shortened season, you knew the writers behind Fox's Fringe wouldn't be pulling any punches. Now it seems a death is coming soon that will apparently rip our collective hearts out.

A new report via TV Guide includes some scoop on this Friday's episode, and apparently there's an "emotional" death coming our way. Who is it? No idea, but "emotional" makes you wonder if it's referring to a fan favorite (i.e. Astrid), or perhaps a potential sacrifice from an old player (i.e. future-Broyles). But hey, no clue.

The upside? It'll at least be coupled with a "sweet reunion" that'll hopefully lessen the pain coming our way.

Here's what TV Guide's Natalie Abrams had to say about her juicy piece of intel:

"I've got good news and bad news about this Friday's episode, Jane. The good: There's a sweet reunion that will warm your heart. The bad: There's an emotional death that will drive you to rant on Twitter, like I may have done this afternoon. Can't tell you who for either, but I can tell you the good and bad news may be related."
Intriguing, to say the least, and we're definitely curious for this week's episode to see what's coming down the pike.

What do you think? Who is not long for this world?

(Via TV Guide)