UK bookies so sure they know ID of new Doctor they've stopped taking bets

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Aug 2, 2013

The search for the next star of Doctor Who has made for heavy betting in the U.K., but now bookmakers are starting to lock it down — because they’re that sure they know who the next Doctor will be.

The leading candidate? Peter Capaldi, best known for his roles in The Thick of It, The Hour, World War Z and In The Loop, is heavily leading the bets to take over in the TARDIS. He’s up so big, many bookies are shutting down bets because they’re so sure it’s him.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a lock. Other outlets are reporting that everyone from William Hills, Daniel Rigby and Idris Elba are all still in the hunt to make their debut Sunday during the big reveal.

If it turns out to be Capaldi, it would be a marked departure from the recent casting since Who was brought back to life in 2005. At 55, he would by far be the oldest Doctor of the modern era. Considering that fans are used to the Doctor being a bit younger these days, it’ll be interesting to see if they go for a throwback and bring in an older actor for the iconic role.

Do you think Capaldi has the job, or is it all just misdirection? Who do you want to suit up as the next Doctor?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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