UK to close Jodrell Bank?

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Mar 6, 2008

I hate to think that US stupidity about shutting down science is spreading to the UK -- or maybe it's just endemic with governments -- but the Times Online is reporting that Jordrell Bank, the venerable radio astronomy observatory, may get closed down. Why? Well, money, of course, but it's pocket change, a couple of million pounds a year.

I wonder if governments like to shut down lots of small projects because it gives the appearance that they're actually doing something. But let me ask you: you have a full hard drive, and on it is a 1 Gb movie you've already watched, and 1000 1Mb movies. Which is better and more time-effective to delete?

I will 100% absolutely guarantee that in the UK, there are better programs to shut down that cost a lot more money than Jordrell Bank does.

DaveP's Astronomy blog has a lot more on this ridiculous situation.

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