UK Who fans angry the 50th-anniversary trailer was screened at Comic-Con

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Jul 23, 2013, 7:26 PM EDT

Those lucky enough to attend the Doctor Who panel Sunday at San Diego Comic-Con were treated to the first full trailer for the eagerly anticipated 50th-anniversary special. But what about the U.K. fans? Those who live where, you know, Doctor Who actually hails from and is made?

Well, if we judge by the Internet response, a lot of British fans were pretty darn angry that only SDCC goers got to see the trailer. (Even though roughly 6,500 attendees had to wait in line for hours to get into the panel. Then again, not everyone can fork over thousands of dollars to attend.)

Writing to Radio Times’ Twitter account, one angry fan said, “I don't understand! This is a UK show and we don't get to look first? How is that right or justifiable?”

Another wrote, “They don't care about their UK fans any more. It's all about making it big in the US.”

Over on Facebook someone posted, “No offence to American fans, but this is a British show ... The least we can get is a trailer when we are the ones who pay the license fee!”

If you head down over to read the comments left on the post, you get even more angry Doctor Who fans.

So did the BBC totally drop the sonic screwdriver on this one? Probably.

This is a day and age when everything is readily made available on the Internet, where most movie studios that show new trailers to the press of Comic-Con attendees make them readily available to everyone else globally soon after. So why not do the same with the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary trailer, then? 

As of now, the BBC has offered no confirmation as to whether the trailer would soon be shown online. They said, “This was an exclusive Comic-Con trailer made especially for the Doctor Who 50th panel ... UK fans can look forward to exclusive content over the next few months."

Exclusive content, is it? And ... what about the rest of the world?

(via Radio Times)