UK's Being Human: More werewolves, a zombie and ... a baby?

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Dec 14, 2012

The third season of Being Human will be hitting TV soon in the U.K., and we've got a few interesting tidbits to share with you—namely that the upcoming new season will see the arrival of a zombie, more werewolves and possibly a baby for our favorite werewolf couple.

According to SFX, there will be quite a few treats coming for fans of the series (which is, by the way, getting its own U.S. remake on SyFy coming your way Jan. 17) created by Toby Whithouse.

First of all, there'll be more werewolves, and how these werewolves come into play makes us believe that there could be some baby news on the horizon for George (Russell Tovey) and Nina (Sinead Keenan).

SFX claims that:

Looking to George's future, there's a major development for him and Nina. This causes them to reach out to other members of the werewolf community: in particular, a father/son duo who appear dotted across four episodes of the series, played by Michael Socha (brother of Lauren Socha, chav queen of Misfits), and Robson Green, who's a huge fan of the series.

There will also be more good news as Ghost Annie (Lenora Chrichlow) will soon come back from hell (or the afterlife, or whatever you wish to call it). Our favorite vampire, Mitchell (Aidan Turner), will be aided in his task to bring her back by a character from "the other side" called Leah, played by EastEnders actress Lacey Turner.

No one doubted that Mitchell would succeed, and when Annie does get back, another character from the supernatural world will be added the already colorful world of Being Human, in one of Annie's key episodes. Actress Lenora Chrichlow explains that:

It kind of puts Annie in place. This zombie exposes Annie to all the things she'll never have again. Often the things that happen in Annie's adventures really make her realise how in limbo she is, and just how unsettling that can be when you're looking at that for eternity.

As for Mitchell himself, actor Aidan Turner explains his character's mindset in the aftermath of his slaughter of humans in a train carriage last season:

Yeah, he's got a lot of crap to deal with, hasn't he? He's in a funny place. Even after Annie comes back, and even with some of the scenes that I suppose would be deemed as comedic, he's still unsettled, y'know?

So a zombie, more werewolves, some Mitchell angst and maybe a baby? We really don't know about you, but we're definitely looking forward to seeing all of that!

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