UK's royal astronomer says UFO sightings are total crap

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

He may be open to the fact that aliens exist, but don't think that means the UK's royal astronomer Lord Martin Rees believes in UFO sightings. In fact, the queen's official stargazer is "utterly unconvinced" that aliens have never visited Earth.

Rees supports the SETI project, which scans the skies for potential alien signals and signs, but says there's no way aliens would come all the way to Earth just to probe a few folks and head back home.

He told The Huffington Post:

"No serious astronomer gives any credence to any of these stories [UFO sightings ... I dismiss them because if aliens had made the great effort to traverse interstellar distances to come here, they wouldn't just meet a few well-known cranks, make a few circles in corn fields and go away again."
But, he reiterated that efforts like SETI should continue, to keep an eye on the sky in case something is happening out there:
"We should look by all possible techniques. We've no idea what's out there, and so we should look for anything that might seem to be some sort of artifact rather than something natural."
He makes some good points, but who's to say aliens might not want to keep their presence a secret (prepping for an invasion, perhaps); or that they would even know the proper way to approach our race to open diplomatic relations.

What do you think? Are some of these UFO sighting always making headlines legit?

(Via The Huffington Post)