The ultimate Godzilla collectible will cost you more than one million dollars

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Sep 23, 2014

If you're really, really rich and you really, really love Godzilla, today's your lucky day.

This year didn't just mark the release of Godzilla, the American reboot that was a critical and box-office success and set up a sequel at Legendary Pictures. It's also the 50th anniversary of the King of the Monsters' first big-screen appearance, and fans worldwide are celebrating in all sorts of ways. For some of us, commemorating five decades of Godzilla might mean buying a new action figure or beefing up our kaiju Blu-ray collection, or maybe just getting a cool new t-shirt. For those lucky few Godzilla geeks who happen to have a few extra millions sitting around in the bank, though, there's another option.

Japanese jewelry company Ginza Tanaka took its Godzilla 50th-anniversary party into 1% territory when it accepted a commission to craft a 24-karat solid gold figure of the legendary monster, modeled on its original 1954 look. The figure went on sale at all nine Tanaka stores in Japan back in July. It stands about 9.5 inches tall, rests on a marble base and will cost you a cool $1.5 million. 

For that much money, you could probably get a life-sized Godzilla made of plastic, but if you're actually rich enough to afford this thing, we're not about to tell you how to nerd out in luxury. 

As for those of us who can't actually rake together enough cash to afford this ourselves ... well, what do you say we all empty our piggy banks at the same time? We'll share it. Everyone gets the Gold Godzilla for one hour a year. Who's in?

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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