Frank Miller's violent trailer for his 9/11-inspired graphic novel

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Dec 14, 2012

Holy Terror is the story Frank Miller has spent the better part of a decade working on. Meant at first to be the story of a post-9/11 Batman, it found new life with an original character called the Fixer instead. Now new imprint Legendary Comics will be releasing it—but not before whetting our appetites with a little trailer first.

Frank Miller is one of comics' greatest creators, sure. Sin City and Batman: Year One stand as some of the most well-known and best stories ever written for the medium. He's not perfect, though, and there's some reason to pause before instantly picking Holy Terror up in September, almost exactly a decade after 9/11, on which the graphic novel is very roughly based.

The Fixer is supposed to be the only man who can make things right in Empire City (can't imagine what that could be a stand-in for). Fear has taken hold because of terrorist attacks, and only vigilante justice can make the people safe again.

Look, we get it. People are still angry, Frank Miller obviously chiefly among them, and while there seems to be an attempt to focus on sheer, cathartic violence in lieu of an official political statement, the politics of the situation still remain.

The "war on terror" is a complex issue at best. For better or worse, extremists exist on all sides, people who feel they must take decisive action to force change based on their own personal ideologies. The danger with a comic like this is saying that one of those extremists is right and the others are wrong.

Don't get us wrong. We're interested in seeing Holy Terror. We just hope Miller doesn't whitewash the issues and, instead, finds the inherent drama in analyzing a man who is willing to become a terrorist himself in order to stop terrorism.

What do you think?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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