Uncharted 4 gameplay video is as dizzying as a roller coaster ride

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:38 PM EDT

Uncharted 4, the upcoming action/adventure videogame, may not be released until Q2 2016. But to keep us salivating, Naughty Dog has released the 15-minute demo they showed at E3, an extended car chase sequence.

When I saw the footage at E3, I couldn’t stop laughing at the ludicrousness of the situation: No matter how hard Drake tried, he couldn’t shake the machine-gun-fitted truck. The snappy dialog and invective-laced banter contributed to the feeling that I was in some sort of zany 1940s adventure movie.

But it looks like a b*****d to play. It has frequent gunfire coupled with hairpin turns - all while being stuck on rails. It’s a delightful scene to watch. But I can tell I’ll be spewing multiple four-letter words during this chapter. 

That said, Uncharted 4 seems to capture the flair of the previous games. And since the Uncharted 2 is one of the best video games ever made (and the others were excellent), it’s an automatic must-play.

Check it out: