Uncut footage, original sketches and behind-the-scenes pics from Star Wars' iconic Cantina scene

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:20 AM EDT (Updated)

While we patiently wait to see what J.J. Abrams is putting together for Episode VII, how about a walk down memory lane through one of Star Wars’ most iconic scenes?

A boatload of behind-the-scenes pics, original design sketches and even the original uncut footage from Star Wars’ alien cantina scene have surfaced online — offering up a fascinating peek into a piece of footage that would go on to inspire tons of other sci-fi projects and set the tone for one of the genre’s biggest franchises.

Considering the mid-size budget that George Lucas was working with to make the original Star Wars, the Mos Eisley cantina scene was ambitious as hell. Combining an insane amount of practical effects to create our first peek at the truly alien universe abroad, it’s amazing to get a closer look at all the masks and costume designs that went into making it happen. Even dated, it's still impressive.

It’s easy to forget just how trendsetting the original Star Wars trilogy was for its time, and though we give Lucas a lot of grief for the prequel trilogy, he’s still one of the greatest genre minds living today. You just have to, ya know, go back a few decades to hit the highlights.

(Via, Dangerous Minds, Raiders of the Lost Tumblr)