Undead heads roll in gruesome 4-min trailer for Walking Dead S3

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Dec 17, 2012

We've got a few months to go before we get new episodes of The Walking Dead, but it's Comic-Con week, and that means lots of gory goodies from our friends at AMC to help us pass the time. Today marked the debut of an intense (and long) new trailer that sets up the battles to come in season three.

Picking up at the end of season two, Rick and company are on the run after leaving the farm, until they stumble upon a massive prison and decide to make it their home. One problem: It's crawling with walkers. Meanwhile, Andrea and Michonne (new cast member Danai Gurira) are still on the run after meeting up in the woods, until they encounter the community of Woodbury and its leader, the shady Governor (new cast member David Morrissey).

From there, the trailer teases internal strife, lots of zombie killing and the inevitable showdown between the Governor and Rick. As the trailer says, this season it's "Fight the Dead. Fear the Living."

Check out the trailer below and see how many times you have to watch it before your Walking Dead fix is sated.

(Via Bleeding Cool)