Under the Dome producer promises TWO major deaths in S2 (+ premiere date!)

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Jan 15, 2014, 4:45 PM EST

The Stephen King-inspired sci-fi drama Under the Dome was a surprise hit last summer, though it sounds like all of the cast won’t be sticking around for year two.

With the second season now set to premiere Monday, June 30 on CBS, executive producer Neal Baer has revealed that two major cast members will not survive the opening episode of season two. As he ominously put it: “No one is safe in this town.” So, who is your money on to take a dirt nap?

The crew behind the series was making the rounds at the Television Critics Association press tour, and revealed some intriguing new plot points that’ll be boiling to the surface of everyone’s favorite snow globe this season.

For one thing, Stephen King, himself, is writing the season two premiere, which definitely gets things started on a high note. Considering that the series is expanding on the mythology of King’s book, while also expanding the timeline, producer Brian K. Vaughan said King’s input has been tremendous for their season two plan, which will ask the question of exactly what the dome is trying to protect the town from.

Here’s what he told Zap2it:

“The second season is going to take us places the book never go to go, he's bringing his own twists and turns. Stephen King gave us ideas we've never imagined. What's outside [the dome] comes inside.”

There will also be at least two new characters wandering around Chester’s Mill, which is admittedly a little strange, considering the town is (literally) an inaccessible fishbowl. Junior Rennie’s uncle will be introduced to “cause problems for Barbie,” while a “forceful” young schoolteacher will be stirring things up for Big Jim Rennie. We can’t wait to see how all that plays out.

Though the first season had its missteps, it was still a fascinating ride through a unique concept, and things really did start to come together by the end of the first season. Here’s hoping that momentum (and quality control) continues.

Do you plan on tuning in for year two?


(Via Zap2it)

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