Under the Dome reveals more death, mysteries and an escape at Comic-Con panel

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Jul 24, 2014, 7:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Though the series is currently in the middle of its second season, the cast and crew of CBS’s Under the Dome were out in force at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about what insanity awaits us all over the next few weeks.

The highlights? More death, a lingering murder mystery, Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) background and apparently somebody might actually make it outside the dome by the end of the season. But who could it be?

The stars and producers dropped a ton of great hints at the show’s SDCC panel, and arguably the biggest tease was that someone might actually make it out of the dome. Up until this point, the survivors have been essentially disconnected from the outside world (save for a few stray radio signals and emails), so it’d be one heck of a twist to find a way for someone to get out of that impenetrable half-bubble.

Showrunner Neal Baer told those in attendance that they’re working up some interesting ways to broaden the world, which we’ve already glimpsed with the introduction of Junior’s (Alexander Koch) mother outside the dome. Baer noted: “One of our characters -- guess who! -- might get out of the dome this season. Literally.”

Lingering questions about the shocking death of Angie McAlister (Britt Robertson) at the hands of an unknown assailant were also addressed, and the producers say we will get an answer as to who killed Angie by the end of the season. We’ll also find out the significance of that mysterious locker.

They also teased that the character of Angie (or any other dead person, for that matter) could pop up again, which isn’t much of a shock, considering how phantom former cast members keep popping up thanks to the dome’s mysterious powers. Angie’s death will also inform a few other arcs (see: her younger brother Joe, played by Colin Ford) and drive the action forward in new ways:

Koch: ”You never know when someone's going to go, and you never know when ... you know, someone comes back around again. We will find out who the killer is. It's been hinted at. More conflict and fighting and attacking each other is coming in the next few episodes. Revenge might be taken." 

Ford: “In Season 2 alone after he finds out that Angie is gone, he's angry. He wants to find out who did it. The whole season he'll undergo this transition from being a young man to being an adult. Barbie is a great role model for him.”

The last juicy tidbit? We’ll finally get a bit more character development for the town’s mysterious white gray knight Barbie, who is typically at the middle of most big saves to keep the tiny town running. Here’s what Vogel had to say about his arc moving forward this season:

“We'll see more of what makes Barbie tick. He may have some violent tendencies but he defends the defenseless. We will come face to face with Barbie's father, and we might find out that he was actually a trust fund baby. We'll find out why he is the way he is and why he chose to go into the military. We'll find out some other familial secrets as well that I think are going to surprise some people.”

Under the Dome airs Monday nights on CBS. What do you think of the season so far?

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