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Gaming: Free Undertale follow-up Deltarune launches; Battlefield V debuts map trailer; Hearthstone expansion releases details

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Nov 2, 2018

Some popular games are getting follow-ups, expansions, and trailers for new content, which should make their already substantial fanbases happy. Who cares if the games are all wildly different? They’re video games, which makes them great. So let’s dig in.

Fans of the quirky and affecting alt-hit Undertale will rejoice, as creator Toby Fox’s follow-up to the game released for free on Halloween. Deltarune, available on Mac or PC, is an anagram of Undertale but not a sequel. It also shares some characters, but isn’t in the same universe.

The game is still in its infancy, Polygon reports, but has released its three-hour-long “Chapter 1.” And that’s all we’ll get for quite some time, because just this demo took the one-man army of Fox “a few years” to complete.

“Given the length of the rest of the game, and how long I’d be willing to spend on a project (7 years maximum) I think the answer is that it’s actually impossible to make this game,” Fox wrote on Twitlonger. “Lots of things make this game harder to make than the last time. Since I haven’t started assembling the team yet I have absolutely no estimation of its completion. It could take up to 999 years depending on the efficiency level.”

The oddball RPG exists in a universe somewhat adjacent to Undertale and has so far received praise matching that of the latter.


In less endearing, cartoonish news is Battlefield V’s new trailer showing off the maps it’ll be sporting when the game launches near the end of the month. The eight maps — Devastation, Twisted Steel, Narvik, Rotterdam, Hamada, Arras, Fjell 652, and Aerodrome — all get a bit of the spotlight in the new jam-packed video.

Take a look:

Hamada is the biggest and craggiest, while Rotterdam, Narvik, and Devastation are more city-based. Twisted Steel occurs around a central bridge and Aerodrome has a hangar. Fjell 652 is a snowy blizzard while Arras is a little easier on the eyes (and presumably the senses, thanks to its more temperate atmosphere). All in all, a decently varied mix of maps, all with at least one feature allowing them to stand out from the pack when the shooter hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Nov. 20.


Finally, Hearthstone has released the name of its upcoming expansion. The World of Warcraft-adjacent card game will have a new card set and challenges under the title Rastakhan’s Rumble, according to Polygon.

This Troll-themed set will release the nine Loa animal spirits as Legendary minions, allowing players to add cards like Shirvallah the Tiger, a Legendary Paladin card that has incredible powers but initially costs the prohibitive 25 mana, to their decks. This expansion, while still secretive, was sussed out ahead of time thanks to a few leaks from Blizzard Korea and some trademark/domain claims by Blizzard. However, since the company keeps its expansions on a relatively predictable scale, players can likely expect about 135 new cards and a new mechanic or two.

Rastakhan’s Rumble will close out Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven, meaning new expansions will occur only after a large-scale reconfiguring of the game’s card sets.

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