Unfinished, never-released Clone Wars episodes aired at Star Wars Celebration

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Apr 20, 2015

It’s been well documented that the abrupt cancellation of Star Wars: Clone Wars left a ton of content half-finished and stuck in development hell. Well, Disney has finally opened up the archives.

Fans at Star Wars Celebration got a nice treat from the old Clone Wars gang, as four never-released episodes of the animated series were aired in their incomplete form. That basically means the vocals were recorded and complete, but the visuals were basically glorified storyboards with very basic animation and details. Not ideal, but hey — still a nice treat for fans left wanting more from the beloved series.

The episodes followed a planned arc for the series dubbed “Bad Batch,” and IGN notes the episodes focused on a literal “bad batch” of stormtroopers who were mutated into a team of G.I. Joe-style super-soldiers. The soldiers — Hunter, Tech, Wrecker and Crosshair — were sent on dangerous missions and extremely individualized. The story was planned to dig into what really happened the the Clone Trooper Echo. 

During the panel, series writer Brent Friedman revealed, “George [Lucas] had a very specific vision of this motley crew,” and they mapped out “their personalities and could hear their voices” very early in the development process. It sounds like this arc could’ve been a lot of fun, and it’s a shame it will forever remain unfinished. Oh well, at least Star Wars: Rebels is finally hitting its stride.

Lucasfilm had previously found a way to get the unreleased content to fans, through everything from a special season on Netflix to a free release on for storyboarded episodes, and it sounds like this collection could eventually make its way online in a similar fashion.

Are you glad to hear there's still a little bit more Clone Wars media out there? Would you like to see these released to the masses?

(Via IGN)

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