Unfinished Star Wars: Clone Wars episodes 'Bad Batch' officially released

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May 4, 2015, 10:31 AM EDT

Despite the series' cancellation, the well hasn't entirely run dry in regards to Star Wars: The Clone Wars— and now, the latest batch of unfinished episodes has officially surfaced.

Dubbed "Bad Batch," the unreleased story arc was unveiled at the recent Star Wars Celebration in storyboarded and rudimentary animated form (it does feature the voice cast work, though). Fans were hoping it'd get a wider release, and now the folks at Lucasfilm has come through by posting the episodes online at StarWars.com.

The episodes followed a literal "bad batch" of stormtroopers who were mutated into a team of G.I. Joe-style super-soldiers. The story was also designed to dig into what really happened to the the Clone Trooper Echo, and George Lucas, himself, had a major hand in mapping out the Troopers' personalities, according to the show's creative crew.

Check out the story reel, as well as the creative panel for the episodes, below:

What'd you think of the arc? Do you miss Clone Wars?

(Via The Daily Dot, Star Wars)