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UNICEF turns to kid-created superheroes in anti-violence campaign

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Oct 10, 2018, 11:22 AM EDT

Combating school violence is a multifaceted task that can often feel superhuman when met with the political and social factors at its root. For its part, UNICEF is turning to superheroes created by kids not only to increase awareness of its anti-violence campaign, but to personify its message. The United Nations agency will offer one lucky kid the chance to work with a comic book artist to bring their superhero design to life — all for the greater good.

The international School Super Hero Comic Contest encourages anyone under the age of 25 to submit an original superhero idea with the chance that it will become a published story. The submission must include the name of your hero, a drawing of them, their power, and an example adventure — all themed around making schools safer. The top 25 heroes will be pitted against each other for supremacy, as the public votes on their favorite finalist to face what UNICEF is calling The Silence.

Take a look:

If your crime-fighting, shooting-stopping, bully-preventing hero wins, you get all sorts of goodies. Your creation will be launched next July and you’ll be whisked away to talk about them all over the world — great for aspiring comic creators and activists alike. Last year's winner was the climate-oriented Light, a human/tree hybrid whose powers fought global warming. Superheroes and charity go hand in hand, but this is allows all young nerds — not just famous superhero actors or comic artists — to participate.

The contest is open for entries from Oct. 5-25, and the winner will be announced in December after a month of voting.