Universal developing a new Wolf Man movie that will follow 2016's The Mummy

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Nov 12, 2014, 8:27 PM EST (Updated)

The so-so Dracula Untold unofficially kicked things off, but Universal’s new shared monster universe begins in earnest with 2016’s The Mummy — and now we know what’s coming after that.

Deadline is reporting that the studio is developing a new Wolf Man film,  and they’re going after Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) to put together the script. Hoping to capitalize on Marvel’s model of a shared universe, Universal is putting together an ambitious film slate of connected monster movies featuring classic franchises like The Mummy, Dracula and now Wolf Man.

Aside from the fact that they’re apparently courting writers, we don’t know a whole lot about what shape the film will take. Best guess? Judging by the post-credit scene in Dracula Untold, and the rumored synopsis for The Mummy, it’s possible this film might be set in the present day (as opposed to a horror period piece). 

The furry fiend that is the Wolf Man has been kicking around since George Waggner directed the original Wolf Man in 1941, starring Claude Rains and Lon Chaney Jr. That film spawned several sequels through the 1940s. Looking toward more immediate history, Universal released a messy Wolf Man reboot in 2010 starring Benicio del Toro that was mired by absolute anarchy during development that left the final film almost nonsensical.

Word of development on a new Wolf Man also matches up with Universal’s recent decision to stake out a release date on April 21, 2017, for an unannounced film. Certainly could be Wolf Man, or perhaps a different classic monster.

Are you glad to hear Wolf Man is getting another shot at big-screen glory?

(Via Deadline)