Universal Orlando to shut down Terminator 2 3D ride

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:47 AM EDT (Updated)

Universal Studios Orlando is shutting down the Terminator 2 3D experience. Oct. 8 will be your last chance to enjoy the show.

It's not really a ride, but more so a 3D movie with light and motion effects. The 12-minute film was shot by franchise originator James Cameron, and brought back the original cast of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, and Edward Furlong. The entire attraction cost $60 million to build, $24 million of that going towards just the film.

The attraction first opened at Universal Studios Orlando in April 1996 and at Universal Studios Hollywood in May 1999. The one in Hollywood replaced my childhood favorite Fievel's Playland and the American Tail theater, so I have always had a certain animosity towards it. That is probably why when it closed at the end of 2012, I wasn't devastated. (Not like when they closed the Beetlejuice show.) In Los Angeles -- especially where Universal Studios is -- we have no room to build out, so we have to tear down and replace. And so, our T2: 3D was turned into the Minions ride and play area.

But in Florida, there is nothing but room. It's not like they can't just keep expanding the park. I guess the interest in a 20(-plus)-year-old sci-fi attraction has dropped off, and it is likely so out of date that it's not winning over new fans.

Whatever; I think I'm just not over Florida closing the Jaws ride.

(via Entertainment Weekly)