Universal Pictures to pump up the sci-fi in a Videodrome remake

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Universal Pictures will remake the 1983 David Cronenberg-directed thriller Videodrome, with Ehren Kruger (Scream 3) set to write the script and produce with partner Daniel Bobker (The Brothers Grimm), Variety reported.

The original Videodrome starred James Woods as the head of Civic TV Channel 83, who makes his station relevant by programming Videodrome, a series that depicts torture and murder that transfixes viewers. The new picture will modernize the concept, infuse it with the possibilities of nanotechnology and blow it up into a large-scale sci-fi action thriller.

The producers traced the rights to Canadian distribution veteran Rene Malo, who will be executive producer. Universal distributed the original and had first refusal on a remake, and the studio snapped up the opportunity.

Cronenberg has no role in the film as yet.