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Unknown 9 launches ambitious multiplatform weirdness with first cryptic trailer

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Sep 27, 2018, 9:11 AM EDT

It’s a rare thing these days to launch a movie without a lot of fanfare, let alone an entire franchise. But that’s exactly what Reflector Entertainment has done when preparing Unknown 9, an ambitious multiplatform universe focused on an occult organization. With its teaser trailer launching today, the company is revealing a massive undertaking that — if it connects with audiences — could be the next new business model for developing new IP into full-fledged franchises.

Unknown 9 is the first project announced from the company, which was founded by Assassin’s Creed mastermind Alexandre Amancio and Cirque du Soleil creator Guy Laliberté. The story is about the Leap Year Society, a fictional organization whose name Reflector Entertainment filed a trademark for back in May (and obtained earlier this month). The company also claimed titles such as Hellfighters, Worlds Apart, Unknown 9, Unknown 9: Awakening, Institute For Higher Knowledge, and L Y S Infinitus.

Some of these could be elements of the story (like the latter, which is like a symbol or coat of arms for the Society) or the names of one of the project’s various forms, like the alternate-reality game The Institute for Higher Knowledge, which uses a meta, Westworld-like depth to suck in online players.

The universe will also contain a podcast from Terry Miles, a Dark Horse comic series from John Ney Rieber and Jae Lee, a novel trilogy from Layton Green, a triple-A video game, a film from the writers of 10 Cloverfield Lane, and a TV show executive-produced by Heroes’ Tim Kring. Phew. Let’s watch that trailer before we get too tired listing things.

Check it out:

A seed, an eternal, and a whole lot of bonkers imagery. What’s not to like? It’s certainly got us geared up to seek out the unknown. All nine of them, whatever that means. According to Amancio, as long as people are interested, it’s already working. That’s because this undertaking is huge.

“We aim to accomplish something that has never been attempted on this scale before: to create a universe with multiple entry points,” Amancio said, “where the story is always unfolding, and where fans get to participate and shape that world.” We will see just how fans participate and what the future holds for this presumptuous franchise when it releases more information at New York Comic Con.