Unnerving Final Destination 5 trailer makes us VERY uncomfortable

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Death is back in the new trailer for Final Destination 5 ... and it's pissed! After four movies, people still don't understand that it can't be cheated. In the latest sequel, there's a new group of victims, which means more blood, guts and gore. Are you ready?

The Final Destination films are known for starting with huge would-be death scenes that only a few escape. In Final Destination 5, that incident takes place on a bridge that collapses and is supposed to kill a busload of people. But unfortunately, a young visionary makes sure that doesn't happen.

The new trailer shows a little more of the story and features a few members of the group trying kill other people in their place. There's a shot of a guy attempting to push a woman into oncoming traffic. Really? Haven't we seen that death already?

The film features horror veteran Tony Todd doing what he does best—scaring the crap out of us! Apparently he's the expert on death, and he tries to drop some knowledge on the doomed group. Will his wise words help? Judging from the amount of spoiled death scenes they flash in the trailer, we think not.

Final Destination 5 opens in theaters everywhere on Aug. 12.

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