Untold Horrors doc explores directors' dream projects that never happened

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Feb 10, 2021, 10:50 PM EST (Updated)

Hollywood relies on a huge backlog of projects, treatments, screenplays, pitches and impromptu notions to feed the furnaces ... and the majority of these aborted or never-developed productions remain in a dusty state of rest somewhere between development hell and lost-interest limbo.

A new documentary series focuses on these forgotten children once nurtured and loved by major horror directors, now discarded, neglected or ignored due to a number of unfortunate circumstances such as studio firings, creative control issues or economical mishaps.

Untold Horrors sheds light on the greatest horror movies never made and examines the sad stories behind these abandoned projects via new interviews with famous fright filmmakers like George Romero, John Landis, Takashi Miike, Richard Raaphorst and William Lustig.

Here's the official description:

Untold Horror was conceived in the summer of 2015 by Dave Alexander and Mark Pollesel as a brand dedicated to answering the question that genre fans often ask: "Whatever happened to that movie?" With additional partners Bob Barrett and Kevin Burke, the documentary series will explore the tantalizing projects that were announced but died in Development Hell, uncover the compelling unannounced projects by our favorite artists that fans have never heard about and discover just what it would take to bring some of them back to life.

The goal is to explore the sometimes tortured relationship between art and commerce in the most compelling genre of them all. Beyond this, the label will form partnerships to bring Untold Horror to other mediums, with a blog, book series, art show, live readings and more.

What happened to David Cronenberg's Frankenstein? Roger Avary's legendary Phantasm script? The dozens of George A. Romero projects announced over the years that disappeared? Why couldn't the combined powers of Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron and Tom Cruise create At the Mountains of Madness? Has there ever been an unmade film with more talent attached to it than the Creature From the Black Lagoon remake? Why did these passion projects die, and what killed them?

Have a look at the Untold Horrors trailer below and tell us which legendary sequel or remake you wish would be reborn from the ashes.

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